Book on Hur-The Freedom Fighter launched at KPC

KARACHI: Senior politician Mehtab Akbar Rashidi said on Tuesday: “We still have failed to expose the hidden secrets, the past incidents and the struggles or movements of individuals in the history of Sindh.” She said that they had forgotten the real people who struggled for rights of Sindh and laid down thier lives for freedom. She said unfortunately, the people did not own the struggles of those diginitaries.

She expressed her views at the launching ceremony of the book entitled “Hur-The Freedom Fighter”, authored by Senior Journalist Nasir Aijaz. The book was launched by Karachi Press Club and published by the Sindh Cultural and Tourism Department.

She said that can we observe that those Hurs who possessed great strength in the past would resist over the killing of the people in recent LG elections in Khairpur area. She said after the Pakistan came into being, the Hur Movement did not resist but supported the affected families and protected their rights.

She was of the view that it was their creed that the Hur leaders did not feel easy to include non-Hur in their movement which united them. She said Hur fought wars in the interests of Sindh but unfortunately, Sindhis did not own their struggles. She said that people ignored Hur’s struggles in view of political scenario.

Rashidi raised question that if the movement of Hur was the freedom of Sindh then why the people of Sindh do not support it? She asked that are Sindhis own the Hur Movement? She asked that can anyone felt the problems like faced by the Hurs. She said these are the question which should be interperated.

Author of the book “Hur-The Freedom Fightr”, Nasir Aijaz said he is not follower of Hurs but feel himself from them. He said that as the Hurs were oppressed and their rights were violated, the book will realize that what the weakness of Hurs was as they failed to develop their self. He said book is based on information for those who take interest in history and persons who conduct researches.

Yousuf Shaheen, Saleem Mahar, Madad Ali Shah, AH Khanzada and Bachal Laghari expressed the brief history of Hurs. They said the writer of the book had answered the imperialists that Hurs are not terrorists, as they just fought for freedom of Sindh. They said the Hur fought complete war with Britain.

They said the book is source of information which is published in well and interesting manner. They asked the Sindh government that the book should be included in the course of Matriculation and also at university level. Madad Ali asked the Vice Chancellor of University of Sindh to award Aijaz the doctorate degree on account of writing this extensive book about Hurs based on the history of 1818 to 1952.