Burney demands whereabouts of 14000 arrested in Karachi

KARACHI: Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former federal minister for human rights, Ansar Burney, has very strongly condemned and urged federal and Sindh governments to disclose whereabouts of nearly 14,000 missing persons arrested in the last seven months during Karachi operation.

He said as per Karachi police reports even submitted in the National Assembly, almost 14,000 people were arrested, but no record was available of them and now arrested persons were missing after their arrest while more than 200 were killed in suspicious and reportedly extra-judicial killings during the last seven months in the name of Karachi operation.

Burney said that during the last seven-month of Karachi operation, nearly 14,000 persons were arrested on several charges. On the other hand, the two jails in Karachi have received only nearly 700 suspects, now question is where are the rest of thousands missing after their arrest in Karachi?

He said the police had not mentioned the whereabouts of the remaining 13,000 arrested persons even more than 200 persons were killed in mysterious circumstances or in encounters after their reportedly arrests and torture during the interrogation.

Burney said that Ansar Burney Trust International was very much concerned about the large number of missing persons after their arrest by the police and law enforcement authorities and the extrajudicial killings of more than 200 persons in suspicious encounters or extra-judicial killings.

He said in several cases the families of arrested persons claiming that the victims were arrested from their homes but later it was announced that they were killed in an encounter or died in detention.

International Ambassador for Peace and Human Rights, Ansar Burney, strongly condemned gross violation of human rights and asked federal government, Karachi police and Sindh government as to why suspects been presented in any court of law after arrest during the last seven months nor have the family members been informed of their whereabouts or have been allowed to meet them.

He said Ansar Burney Trust International has no sympathy what-so-ever with hardened criminals and terrorists and was fully in favour of operation against hardened criminals, killers of humanity and terrorists but it was the sole responsibility of the federal and provincial governments to either produce them in courts or release the arrested innocent persons or at least reveal their whereabouts immediately.

He said even nobody knows where the arms and ammunition are going that was declaring by Karachi Police that they recovered from criminals instead of producing the same in courts, its only coming on media and I do not know why the authorities failed to produce it in courts. Question is where this all is going and what nonsense going on in the name of operation against criminals?

Ansar Burney also demanded of federal and provincial governments to conduct impartial inquiry in the suspicious’ killings in police encounters and to immediately present all arrested persons before the courts of law, inform their families and arrange meetings with their families and if innocent release them immediately.

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