Burney in search of 16 Pakistanis detained in Israel

KARACHI: Former federal minister for human rights, Ansar Burney, said on Tuesday that the Ansar Burney Trust International is in search of 16 seamen Pakistanis missing since December 2009 who are reportedly detained in Israel.

He said the Ansar Burney Trust International has been approached by the Pakistani families of all such members who have been lost after the unfortunate incident whereby reportedly on 17.12.2009, Cargo ship MV Danny FII, met an accident and due to bad weather the unfortunate ship capsized and sank in the Red Sea situated between Lebanon and Israel.

Burney said that reportedly out of 6 passengers and 77 crew members besides on board cattle and sheep , only few people could have been rescued while about 14 people died and 16 Pakistanis Fazal Mabood, Jamshaid Khan, Sardar Bahadur, M. Rashid, Fazal Iqbal, Aseel Zada, Khan Bacha, Fazal Ghafoor, M. Aqeel Khan, Rahim Shah, Shahi Rehman, M. Khalil, Roshan Diyar, Sardar Iqbal, Yousuf Shah and Zahir Shah were missing who reportedly are now recognized to be alive and imprisoned in the prison of Israel.

Burney said that the families of these unfortunate Pakistanis were yearning and dying in the memory of their lost loved ones but now in the wake of current update as mentioned herein above, they now see a ray of hope to be reunited wit h them and in this behalf they have contacted the Ansar Burney Trust for help on humanitarian grounds.

He said after contacted by the families Ansar Burney Trust immediately contacted the government of Israel at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a request to help the Ansar Burney Trust and the miserable families and may graciously be pleased to take up this matter and communicate this SOS call regarding the savior, help and early release of the unfortunate and miserable Pakistani crew members of MV Danny FII, with the concerned Government Departments and authorities.

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