Burney thanks Saudi for releasing Pakistanis

JAMSHORO: The Ansar Burney Trust International has thanked Saudi Arabian Kingdom for releasing poor Pakistanis trafficked to Saudi Arabia on fake documents and false promises by the cruel agents in Pakistan.

The Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former federal minister for human rights, Ansar Burney, in this regard also thanked Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain, Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Islamabad and Pakistan Embassy at Riyadh and Consulate in Jeddah.

He said that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are also very much aware with the efforts of Ansar Burney Trust in saving and serving humanity and human dignity not only in Asia, Arab, Middle East but around the globe. Ansar Burney Trust International also efforts for peace and against terrorism.

He said there were more than 5000 Pakistanis arrested and taken into custody by the Saudi Authorities in crackdown against illegal immigrants.

Ansar Burney said that most of the trafficked Pakistanis were taken into custody by the authorities from Mecca and Madinah and now Saudi Government started releasing and deporting them to Pakistan.

Ansar Burney also urged upon Arab and Middle Eastern countries no to treat Pakistani nationals as enemies.

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