Burns elbows out Pakistan’s Hamza Akbar in Professional World Snooker qualifiers

Karachi: Englishmen Ian Burns thrashed Pakistan’s Hamza Akbar by 10-3 score in the qualifying round of Professional World Snooker Championship underway in Sheffield, England.

Hamza Akbar, who is the first Pakistan player to have featured in the Professional World Championship, failed to match Burns’ finesse in the game.

Burns recorded a convincing 103-1, 64-20, 14-94(50), 93-01(54), 58-26(51), 75-29, 06-68, 84-0(84), 70-01(61), 70-36(50), 17-75, 76-07(51), 73-44 victory.

However, Hamza had started his campaign in the prestigious championship with a triumph against Welshman Jamie Jones recording a 10-5 victory.