Bus workers demo against police excesses

KARACHI: Green Metro Bus Service Karachi workers held a protest demonstration on Monday outside the Karachi Press Club against alleged harassment of police and demands of bribes from them.

Dozens of protesters, carrying placards and banners, raised the slogans against police excesses.

Talking to media, their manager Hashmat said 36 Green buses run on route from Tower to Gulshan-e-Hadeed. He alleged that police briber of Rs 100 per bus per round. He said when they refuse paying this bribe the police challan them for over speeding. He said they ply their buses in crowded areas where over speeding is impossible.

He said corrupt officials of Kharadar and Jackson police stations even deflate tires of their buses and beat bus staff when they refuse to pay bribes.

They said if action was not taken against corrupt cops within 48 hours they would observe wheel jam strike.

However, during their protest Assistant Deputy Inspector General of Police (ADIGP) Syed Salman Hassan came there and assured them to solve their genuine problems.