Cable operators criticize advance tax

KARACHI: Cables operators have criticized new taxes and charges on them, saying they would ruin their business. Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Monday Cable Operators Association of Pakistan Chairman Ghufran Mustufa said the cable operators are providing valuable services to society but unfortunately they face different problems and hurdles in way of doing business smoothly.

Captain (retd) Jabbar Ali Khan member of Cable Operators Association of Pakistan said it is big disappointment that the cable operators cannot get reasonable profit from their business as the government levy new taxes and charges after regular intervals. He bitterly criticized the advance tax and requested the government to withdraw it immediately. He said the cable operators are already paying all taxes without fail. He said they transmit about107 TV channels following the local and international rules and regulation and they should not be punished by levy of unnecessary taxes and charges.

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