Call for proper chlorination of water to prevent ‘Naegleria fowleri’

Karachi: Renowned neurologist Dr Abdul Maalik on Monday said chlorination of water is considered to be the only cure against the spread of the deadly brain-eating Naegleria fowleri disease and urged the authorities concerned to ensure the supply of fresh water in city to prevent people from disease.

Dr Abdul Maalik said Naegleria fowleri had claimed five lives in Sindh in 2014 out of which four were reported from Karachi and one case was detected from Hyderabad so far. He said Naegleria fowleri has not taken epidemic turn so far, but authorities should ensure supply of fresh water in city as the disease spread due to non-supply of fresh water.

He said five deaths from Naegleria fowleri in 2014 out of total 180 million country population is not an alarming situation. He said stagnant water is major source of spreading disease in and government should ensure supply of fresh and potable water to citizens in order to prevent disease. He said Naegleria fowleri types diseases could be prevented easily by adopting preventive measures.

Dr Maalik said business of fresh water manufacturer companies are in peak in country just because of non-supply of fresh water to public. He said chlorination of water is only way to prevent people from Naegleria fowleri.

Secretary General Pakistan Medical Association Centre Mirza Ali Azhar said Naegleria fowleri entered human body through nose and damaged the brain system. He said 99.99 percent Naegleria fowleri patients died and there was less chance of survival from this disease.

He said swimming pool, ponds and supply of water are major sources of Naegleria fowleri spread. He said deaths reported from Naegleria fowleri occur due to the negligence and incompetency of high-ups in city. He said chlorination of water is the responsibility of water board but unfortunately no any department ready to take responsibility in this regard.

He said lack seriousness was clearly visible as no any department called a high-level meeting to prevent deaths were being reported from Naegleria fowleri in city. He said no serious effort has been taken so far to prevent people from deadly disease.

He demanded of the high-ups to take serious measures to avoid and prevent further prevalence of disease in city through proper supply of clean water.

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