Call to adopt international standards for getting jobs

KARACHI: Students need to walk parallel with International standards to get jobs. There is also need to groom the new generation and let them make aware about the real market beyond their university life.

This was stated by Sarah Zahoor, Student Relationship Officer, Techlabx Institute, while addressing a workshop on PHP as a Career at PIMSAT Karachi.

She said that students face difficulties in getting jobs in the market because of no experience, therefore, it is mandatory to get experience soon after completing the degree.

Sarah said Techlabx Institute’s vision to promote education at peak. TechLabx is helping students to walk parallel with the international standards and the thing that makes us unique is our own software house that makes us capable to provide live environment to our students and to provide them a path for their successful future.

She stressed the need to learn PHP, a Hypertext Processor, which is a free, server-side scripting language designed for dynamic websites and app development. “It can be directly embedded into an HTML source document rather than an external file, which has made it a popular programming language for web developers,” she informed.

Sarah said PHP powers more than 200 million websites, including WordPress, Yahoo and Facebook. The only costs associated with working with these technologies are the cost of hiring PHP Web developers.

Sarah informed PHP is cross-platform and therefore enables operation across various operating systems. It works excellently on LINUX, UNIX and Windows platforms. What’s more, it interfaces effortlessly with Apache or MySQL.

“The PHP community is a large one. Owing to its popularity, there are many PHP developers, PHP contributors, PHP users, and employers that are offering PHP jobs. If you are looking to hire PHP developers, then you are definitely not alone,” she said.

Mohammad Irfan, PHP Developer, Mamdani Incorporation, described methods for PHP development and its important in IT sector.

Faizan Hashmi, Marketing Manager, Techlabx Institute, was also present on the occasion.

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