Call to delete outdated stuff from education courses

KARACHI: Outdated stuff from education courses must be deleted from one to matriculation classes and modern practical-based education system should be introduced across the country for achieving real development and progress, says CEO Techlabx/Mamdani Incorporation Essa Mamdani in a statement on Sunday.

“Our education system is not much effective as now a days the main focus of teachers is on making grades of students rather than providing proper education that must be delivered. The teachers compel students to remain busy in ‘race to win’ and they have even forgotten the real motives of education. This pressure makes the syllabus much heavier to be handled by a student,” he said.

Mamdani said the courses should be reduced by as per memory capacity of students. The load should be reduced in such a manner that the syllabus must be completed within given time, while funfair activities should be the part of education.

He said that funfair activities would help students to learn more efficiently and reduce those subjects from the syllabus which make no sense and add such subjects that could help the students in their practical life.

As we talk about the teachers in schools, it is also mandatory to raise voice here that as the world is transforming to modernism, we should also make efforts to match courses at par with it.

Mamdani said: “Unfortunately in Pakistan, students just, after completing matriculation get jobs to educate students that create lack of proper education to the students. They do not make their proper plan to complete the courses within the time given. It makes the students exhaust in the last days before examination.”

He said unfortunately, education system of Pakistan had made the students a machine to copy and paste. It means to copy from notebook to their minds, and paste it directly to their examination sheets without even understanding that specific topic.

“Such education is of no use that makes the student addicted to spoon feeding. Students are getting much more impractical. It is imperative to reduce burden of courses from students and ensure them provision of practical-based education based,” Mamdani concluded.

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