Call to eliminate child labour

KARACHI: Experts stressed the need to protect children’s rights who are forced to work in underage in Pakistan, adding that the collective responsibility of the government and the public is to eliminate child labour which is a big menace for our society.

They were speaking in a seminar entitled Impact of Social, Psychological and Communicational Development on Children: Parents’ Behaviour, organized by Department of Social Work, University of Karachi on Wednesday at the university’s premises.

Department of Social Work’s Chairperson Prof Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah said that it is our misfortunate that our children are forced to work in inhuman situation like forced labour.

Poverty and inflation have given a boost to child labour and adequate measures are needed to be taken to eliminate this menace from our society which is also against basic human rights. Basic rights including education and health facilities are the birth right of every children so these rights should be fulfilled by the government.

Karachi University Teachers Association’s President Prof Dr Jamil Kazmi said that Islam teaches us to demonstrate kind and affectionate behaviour with the children. It’s imperative to boost their confidence. If human mind is composed of positive vibes it can create positive and healthy changes in the society.

Jinnah Hospital Karachi’s Department of Psychiatric Chairman Prof Dr Iqbal Afridi said that mental level plays a vital role in channelizing the positive energies for obtaining positive outcomes and it also defines one’s potential. Living and sustaining your path against all odds could be regarded as success.

Dr M Shahid said that Teachers and parents are the role models of the children and they adopt the same behaviour that their parents adopt with them. Pakistan’s majority is composed of youth and we have a great potential of becoming a great nation.

Prof Dr Nisar Zuberi said: “We need to adopt the latest trends and techniques of communication in this matter.” Prof Dr Nabeel Zubairi said that adoption of authoritarian parenting method is the best way in this regard. Societal role is also very vital in parenting. Children, who are punished by their parents, develop violent behaviour. Better understanding between parents is also highly imperative so that the children don’t get double minded and confused.