Call to make Pakistan more strong

KARACHI: Today’s Pakistan has become an essential and nuclear power at the atlas of the world. No it is our, specially the responsibility of the students to develop the country so much strong that no enemy could see it with filthy eye.

These views were expressed by Member National Assembly Sultan Ahmed Sheik while addressing a seminar at Newports Institute of Communication and Economics on the topic of “Resolution of Pakistan and its objectives” on the celebration of Pakistan’s Day. At this occasion, Vice Chairperson of the Institute, Huma Bukhari, Rector Prof Rais Ali, President Pakistan Chambers of Labour Nafees Haider, teachers and members of the faculty were also present.

Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh said that the history was witness that the Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam had told during his address to the students of Aligarh University that Insha Allah I shall make Pakistan with your assistance and you will pay your assistance when you concentrate on your education and receive higher education, and then on 23rd March 1940 Choudhry Khalique-uz-Zaman had presented the Resolution of Pakistan, which was seconded by Maulana Fazal and by which Pakistan has become in existence.

He said that the Resolution of Pakistan always remain alive in the history of world, similarly the people of several countries has adopted this technique of declaration of Independence,

He said that acceptance of Resolution of Pakistan and its interpretation had once again proved this concept that if the sticks get together then the aims of the opposite strong breeze can be crushed.

He said that after the lapse of 74 years, we are celebrating this marvellous resolution that we get the heaven in form of Pakistan, and now it is our responsibility to safeguard it.

Now students come into fields and promise to serve the nation and the country. Huma Bukhari said in her welcome address that we celebrate each and every National Day with spirit according to the Constitution.

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