Call to obey SHC order for implementing Rs182 per maund cane rates

KARACHI: President Sindh Chambers of Agriculture Dr Syed Nadeem Qamar said on Saturday that the provincial government should ensure implementation of Rs182 per maund rate of sugarcane as per SHC order so that growers could be saved from losses.

Sugarcane rate issue has crippled agro economic of rural Sindh as the mill owners are committing unjust with sugarcane growers by cutting about Rs 27 per maund.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, he said despite issuance of Sindh High Court order (SHC), the provincial government had failed to bound sugar mill owners to purchase sugarcane by growers at Rs 182 per maund.

Dr Qamar, while pointing out the Panjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa sugar mills, said they were purchasing sugarcane at official rate. He said Sindh government should take serious steps to bound mill owners to open their mills and purchase sugarcane at the official rate. He said 65 percent of agro land produces sugarcane and on the other hand, growers had been compelled to sell sugarcane at throw-away prices.

He said growers had started to come on roads to raise their voice and injustice. A politician and former Pakistani ambassador to United Nation Abdullah Hussain Haroon said that they would go to the last stage for the rights of growers and would not remain silent till the defeat of mill owners.

He said under the plan, the peasants had been compelled to sell their lands and convert them into housing schemes. He said: “The time has come that the government should take this matter seriously; otherwise the situation will come uncontrollable.”

Haroon said despite clear orders issued by Sindh government and Sindh High Court, mill owners were disobeying their decision, so they would file contempt of court petition.

He demanded of government to open sugar mills in 48 hours and bound them to buy sugarcane at official rates.

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