CEC requested to depute federal employees on election duties

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan secretary general and candidate for NA-246 by-polls Usman Moazzam here Tuesday sent a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan, requesting him to take appropriate steps including deputing federal government employees for ensuring free, fair and transparent by-election on NA-246 Karachi, so that voters can vote for the candidates of their choice without any fear and coercion.

Usman Moazzam said that the NA-246 has taken a pivotal focus not only for Karachi but for whole Pakistan. He said the masses this time want to exercise their right of vote without any pressure, bullying and fear to the parties of their own choice. He said, however, the electioneering on this constituency started in a particular manner, and the resultant events have compelled the voters to apprehend that some political parties in order to maintain their hegemony would utilize, illegally, the employees of provincial and local government institutions to turn sour the dream of free and fair elections in Karachi. Therefore, steps should be taken to quell these fears.

In his second suggestion he said that as many employees of provincial and local governments belong to different political parties, they would not discharge their election duties properly due to the pressure of their political parties and it would harm the reputation of the Election Commission of Pakistan in whole world; therefore, these employees should not be given election duties.

In his third suggestion, he said that for many years the recruitments in provincial government of Sindh and local government institutions have not been made on merit. These posts are filled on the basis of political affiliation, corruption, bullying and misuse of powers; therefore, their services should not be asked for the election duties.

He requested that in these circumstances the Election Commission of Pakistan should depute only the employees of the federal government on the election duties in NA-246, so that voters can exercise their constitutional right of vote in free and fair manner.

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