Centralized blood bank system soon in Sindh

Karachi: Secretary Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA), Dr Zahid Ansari said on Friday that approximately 30 big and standard blood banks would be centralized soon in Sindh province under a new policy.

He said this decision has taken in recent meeting with representatives of blood banks held at SBTA office. He said SBTA with consultation of these representatives has devised a mechanism to centralize big blood banks in the province and final decision in this regard would be taken soon.

He informed around six small blood banks would be linked with one each big centralize blood bank in the province under new policy. He said SBTA would also devise responsibilities-related mechanism about the services, jurisdictions and limitations of centralize blood banks.

He said SBTA has been working to introduce centralized blood banks system in province since long as to fulfill long-standing demands of public. He said basic aim of introducing centralized blood banks system is to further improve their performance of and to ensure supply of safe blood to patients.

He said after successful crackdown against the unauthorized blood banks running on commercial basis and supplying unsafe blood to poor patients across the province, the SBTA now is working to formally introduce centralized blood bank system.

Dr Zahid said blood banks established in hospitals would only perform two responsibilities under the new policy including storage and supply of blood. He said it was also decided in meeting to create external quality expert vacancy for experts who would ensure quality and maintaining the standard of blood transfusion. He said centralized blood banks system would be enforced across the province within a month.

He informed that total 20 blood banks had been closed across the Sindh province in 2014 over irregularities. He directed the all the blood banks heads to submit performance report every month to the SBTA office.

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