Charismas appeal for Dr Aafia release

KARACHI: On the eve of Christian’s festival, Charismas, a famous character among the children Santa Cause along with children on Thursday appealed the American rulers to release the Pakistani mother, Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

Children were carrying placard and photos of Dr Aafia, raising the slogans for her release outside the Karachi Press Club.

Representing the civil society, Salman Ahmed greeted to all Christians of the world. He said that Pakistani nation has been raising voice for Dr Aafia’s release. He said today’s initiative is also linked to these efforts.

On this occasion, ‘Santa Clause’ said “as I try to win the hearts of children the American rulers should also consider and act to win the hearts of Pakistani nation by releasing Dr Aafia.” He said the rulers should understand the mood of Pakistani nation and know they could not win the hearts of Pakistanis by keeping our daughter in prison.

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