Citizens need to support police: moot told

KARACHI: ASP Karachi Shehla Qureshi has said that citizens should cooperate, support and trust police for running effective police system in the country.

Speaking during a Lecture entitled Pathway to Bureaucracy” at Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi, Shehla said that it is the responsibility of youth to come forward and take responsibility to bring in change. Bureaucracy is institution through which we can bring betterment to the society.

This institution needs young, energetic, dedicated and hard working youth. She urged that every one of you at least do appear in examination. She shared her achievements with the audience and encouraged them to appear in CSS Examination. According to her, the only obstacle which one can see is inside your mind otherwise the route to success is very smooth and clear.

She admitted that no doubt, corruption and nepotism exist in the police department, but in recent years it has almost been minimized. The thing which actually triggers this element is the existing pay structure.

Shehla showed concern that when police show their efficiency and take strong action against powerful people or accused, it has been observed that the victims step back in the meantime and do not support police and eventually judiciary has to release such dirty mind people without putting any charge against them.

She said that support and trust from citizens is highly needed to run the police system effectively. She further suggested that judicial system of Pakistan needs revision.

Department of Public Administration’s Chairman Dr Shabi-ul-Hasan said these lectures are focusing to prepare our students for Central Superior Service (CSS) and other public sector organizations. Our aim is to motivate and provide guidelines to the students and develop their interest in this sector. This lecture series will continue in future to provide the public sector with great leaders of the nation. He acknowledged the participation of Shehla Qureshi in such motivational lecture and said that such ladies are the pride of our nation.

Dr Ghazal Khawaja Hummayun Akhtar concluded that the department of public administration is doing its effort by inviting these inspirational people and making them to share their success stories.