CNG buses turning into junk as commuters face problems

Karachi: CNG buses of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) purchased with Rs1billion have been rusting at Surjani bus terminal and the rulers of Sindh government, as per their traditional governance style, are least concerned about the wastage of the taxpayers’ money and inconvenience faced by the commuters of Karachi, the capital city of Sindh province.

Five years back a fleet of 95 brand new CNG buses was purchased for about Rs1billion to reduce problems of Karachi commuters, but the fate of this urban transport project, was not different from the other deliberately failed public transport project of Karachi, including Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), Karachi Transport Corporation (KTC) and Green buses project.

Out of these 75 buses two buses have already been damaged/ bunt beyond repair and the rest 73 has been parked in Surjani bus terminal for about two years and it is said that tyres, engines and other parts of many of these buses have already been stolen and the corrupt elements at the highest level are trying to get these buses non-repairable and sell them as junk to some well-connected private transporters.

The KMC sources said that the provincial government is not releasing funds for repair of these buses; however, other sources said it a big scandal how these new buses needed major repair in just two years. They said as corrupt elements in both KMC and provincial government would be exposed if an inquiry and audit is initiated into mismanagement of the CNG bus pilot project, both the KMC and provincial government want to keep this issue swept under the carpet.

However, the net sufferers are commuters of Karachi who face acute shortage of public transport in the city, which is now known in the world as a Chingchi city. It is desirable to conduct an impartial third-party inquiry and audit to unearth the corrupt elements, besides taking urgent steps to ply these buses again on the city roads.

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