Commissioner ensures raising closure of CNG issue

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has ensured discussing the issue of unnecessary closure of CNG with higher authorities. He also said transporters should ensure implementation of government fares for intercity services so that people did not get troubled on their way to meet their relatives on Eid.

He was addressing a meeting with the joint delegation of CNG Association and Karachi Transport Ittehad regarding transport issues due to closure of CNG. President CNG Association Sindh Shabbir Salman and President Karachi Transport Ittehad Syed Irshad Bukhari were also present on the occasion.

Salman told the meeting that CNG station owners were facing great trouble in running their fuel stations.

“Previously, it was being closed for 72 hours or three days a week which was also painful. While, it has now been increased to 96 hours or four days a week in new schedule further worsening the situation not only for CNG station owners but the citizens as well,” he said.

Transporters said they did not have an alternative fuel option in absence of CNG, therefore they were greatly troubled due to continuous 48 hours closure of CNG stations. They have to station their vehicles for a complete day. This was marring their business and upsetting people as well who have to wait for hours for vehicles.

Commissioner Karachi said all out steps would be taken to facilitate citizens in the holy month of Ramadan. CNG transport was a cheap mean for travelling and its closure had a significant impact on public, thus their operation on road was necessary.