Commissioner says fresh milk selling at govt’s rate in many areas

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has said that they have become successful in maintaining fresh milk price at Rs70 per liter in many areas after intensified operations carried out throughout the city.

He was addressing meeting at his office on Tuesday. Additional Commissioner-II Dr Mansoor Abbas, representatives of health department were also present on the occasion.

The commissioner told the meeting that action against price hike was taken on the orders of chief minister of Sindh and Supreme Court of Pakistan, adding our priority is to safeguard the common man’s interest first.

Siddiqui claimed now you could find many areas in Karachi where fresh milk was being sold at Rs70 or less than Rs70 per liter. “However, at the same time I also acknowledge that we could not be able to completely control the price hike as yet. That’s why after 1st April we have intensified the operation against profiteers and also sent many of them to jails to pressurize them.”

Just in a half month we have charged around Rs3 million fine from 977 profiteers which is more than we charged in the whole last month which was less than Rs0.8 million from 707 profiteers, he said.

He also said that the fine money gotten from those people was deposited to the government kitty.

When asked that why you are not forming committees in every area to control the price hike with the money you take from profiteers, he replied that it was not his job, though, there are five committees in whole of the city to monitor prices.

He further said that government has set price of Rs70 per liter on milk and if retailers complain that dairy farmers are selling them milk on high rates then they should help us identifying these dairy farmers so that justice could be done with them.

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