Concern on egregious corruption about Aafia jailing

Karachi: Former Senator Gravel expressing concern about what he termed egregious corruption about Aafia jailing, has demanded to make full Senate report public about CIA torture tactics.

A statement issued by Aafia Movement here Saturday said Mike Gravel asked to Senator Mark Udall to make full torture probe public “like I did with Pentagon Papers.”

On the Senate floor last week, outgoing Democratic Sen. Mark Udall called for a purge of top CIA officials implicated in the torture program and cover-up, including current Director John Brennan. But as he enters the final days of his Senate term, Udall is facing calls to take action of his own.

According to a transcript of Democracy Now!, Senator Gravel, said Senator Udall may have the opportunity getting his hands on the full report. He doesn’t have to read it into the Senate record. It’s already in the Senate record, because it’s the record of a committee. So you don’t have to duplicate that. What he has to do is exercise the speech and debate clause, take this record of 6,000 pages, put a press release describing why he’s doing it, and release it to the public. It’s that simple.

Most members of Congress, unfortunately, don’t fully understand that there’s three functions that representatives have to perform. One is to inform the public. Two is to legislate. And three is to have oversight. And so, what we have with the release of this document, or the summary, was an oversight. This is—they conducted oversight, and they released it to the public. Madison, Jefferson, James Wilson, George Washington all felt—all felt the most important function of representation was to inform the people as to what their government is doing. And so, this is all that the Feinstein committee has done thus far, but we need to see the entire record so that it could be probed.

He said I’ll give you an example. I’m very concerned about the egregious corruption that has brought about the incarceration of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Now, does her name show up in the 150 names? Because she has been put in jail because – when she’s not a terrorist. And she suffered five years of rendition at the hands of the American government and the Pakistani government, who was paid off with bonuses for that.

Aafia Movement has welcomed the comments of Senator Mike Gravel, and hoped that other US leaders would sooner or later realize what their nation and country has done to the innocent Aafia. It once again demanded of the government of the United States of America and Pakistan to dole out justice to the Pakistani mother Dr Aafia Siddiqui to uphold the norms of truth and justice.

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