Concern shown on seminary attacks

KARACHI: Leader of Jamiat Ghuraba-e-Ahle Hadis Hafiz Muhammad Salfi said that the series of attack religious places of Ahle Hadis is strongly commendable and the government should take a strong notice of it.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Thursday, he said that the brutal attacks on Jamia Islamia Gulshan e Iqbal and seminary school of Masjid Khalid bin Walid at Shahdadpur were the most horrible example of terrorism. He added the people who are against the dialogue with Taliban are involved in terrorism against educational institutions of Ahle Hadis school of thought.

He demanded the strict security for their mosques and Madrasah, and urged the provincial government of Sindh to issue them licenses of weapons for their self defence. He urged the provincial government to fulfil their demands; otherwise, there will be protests all over the country.

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