Court seeks challan of Nishwa death case by 25 May

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Court seeks challan of Nishwa death case by 25 May

May 18, 2019

KARACHI:A local court on Saturday ordered the police to produce challan of Nishwa death case by 25 May 2019.

The Court of Judicial Magistrate East issued the order during the hearing of the petition seeking action against Darul Sehat Hospital staff against their negligence of administering a wrong injection to a nine-year-old girl Nishwa that caused her death.

The hospital owner and nominated accused appeared before the court. The court asked the Investigation officer (IO) where is the challan of the case. The IO said that the investigation of the case was going on, so more time is required. He asked the court to give time relaxation by May 25 for submitting the challan.

The court approved the request and directed the IO to submit the challan by 25 May anyhow. On 14 April 2019, Nishwa was paralysed after she was administered a wrong injection by nursing staff at Darul Sehat Hospital in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Johar areas. Subsequently, she died.

Sindh Health Care Commission had issued its report on the death of nine-month-old Nashwa Ali and recommended a Rs500,000 fine be imposed on Darul Sehat Hospital and 95 untrained nurses be fired.

According to the report, Nashwa was taken to the hospital for diarrhea and administered an incorrect drug dosage, concluded the report. It found two people — midwife Sobia and nursing assistant Moiz — responsible for the incident. The report states that Sobia was assigned medication duty and gave Moiz two injections for administration.

One of these was the potassium chloride injection that Moiz administered to Nashwa directly and intravenously instead of adding it to a drip and allowing it be administered over a period of time. This caused Nashwa’s condition to deteriorate and she went into cardiac arrest. She was given CPR for 45 minutes which caused damage to her brain and other tissues since blood circulation was reduced during this time. The report concluded that the injection proved lethal and Nashwa suffered brain damage due to prolonged cardiac arrest.

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