Death sentence to Egyptian political workers slated

KARACHI: Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International Ansar Burney has strongly condemned that an Egyptian court has given a mass death sentence to 528 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi for their alleged role in a riot last July.

He said this is the largest number of death sentences handed down in a single case that they have noticed in last several years. He said political revenge under the pressure of ruling elite is not justice. It’s the ultimate shameful, cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment, and it could be an attempt to wipe out political opposition.

He said in a political trial that “defied plausibility, 528 political men were convicted in just two court hearings and sound like an order for judicial murder to take political revenge, that is very strongly condemnable act.

Ansar Burney said that in Egypt what an unlawful trial that more than 400 of those convicted were tried in their absentia, without any witnesses, without any review of evidence, No time for the defence to read 3,000 pages of case documents, etc.

“What a shame and murder of Justice that even on the second day of trial, defence lawyers were blocked from the court.” Ansar Burney added. He said that that Egypt’s courts controlled by Government authorities were quick to punish Morsi supporters, but have ignored and failed to notice gross human rights violations by the Egyptian security forces in the country.

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