Demand to ban all terrorist, militant outfits

Karachi: To condemn the massacre of innocent students of Peshawar, Home Based Women Worker Federation (HBWWF) and National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) held a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Thursday.

A large number of home-based women workers, labors related to different industries, political and social activists and students attended the demo. Holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans like “Red salute to Peshawar martyrs”, “Taliban are the Zaliman”, “How is responsible for the blood of children”, they chanted slogans against Taliban.

On the occasion, issuing a joint declaration, HBWWF and NTUF said the Peshawar tragedy has shaken the foundation of whole society, and it is condemned in the strongest words. This is not just an attack on schoolchildren, but an assault on our traditions, culture, social and moral values. It is a bid to push the society back towards dark ages. However, the labors, peasants, women, minorities, students, youth, and democratic, progressive, revolutionary and pro-humanity forces would foil this conspiracy. The Peshawar tragedy was the continuation of the terrorism of last four decades. The State, military governments, American imperialism, and reactionary regimes of the region have played a criminal role to strengthen these terrorist forces. However, the innocent citizens of Pakistan are paying a heavy price for it in shape of their lives, and the whole region is facing political, social and economic instability. The carnage of innocent boy and girl students in Peshawar school has diverted the attention of not only the country but the whole world that if serious steps were not taken to stop these terrorists, they would create even more dangers for the world.

To tackle the terrorist organizations in Pakistan and their insane narrative it is necessary that the State and its institutions, especially its secret agencies should disown all religious organizations, armed groups, and safe heavens working in the garb of seminaries and take action against them and their organizational and financial supporters. A state and government policy which considers a few extremist organizations and armed groups beneficial for the state, cannot develop a progressive, democratic and liberal society and nor could give it peace. Therefore, it is necessary to think that only military operation is no solution to the issue, but it is also necessary to make fundamental changes in constitution and laws on the basis of democratic values. All militant organizations working in Pakistan should be banned and their centers closed that are involved in terrorist activities inside and outside the country, particularly in the neighboring countries. All seminaries should be brought into the orbit of law and the educational system should be modernized on scientific lines and purged from all ideas based on hatred, discrimination and reactionary thoughts. The American hegemonic policies be ended in the region that are responsible for the ongoing bloodbath and Pakistan should distance it from these policies.

Those spoke included central deputy general secretary NTUF Nasir Mansoor, HBWWF general secretary Zehra Khan, Saira Feroz, Pakistan Workers Confederation central vice president Rafiq Baloch, NTUF Sindh general secretary Riaz Abbasi, Workers Rights Movement leader Gul Rehman, Balida Factory Fire Affectees Association leader Mohammad Jabbir, Communist Party of Pakistan leader Comrade Rasheed, Railway Mazdoor Union leader Muqadir Zaman, PIA labir leader Tauqeer Nasir, JKPNF leader Comrade Sultan Mehmood, Sindh Agriculture General Workers Union leader Mushtaq Ali Shan, DSF leader Saqib Khursheed and others,

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