Demand to ban Chingchi rickshaws

KARACHI: President Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (LCHR) Aqil Lodhi said that Karachi should not be made a city of Chingchi rickshaws.

While calling on Sindh Transport Minister Mumtaz Hussain Jakhrani in his office, he requested him not to regularize Chingchi rickshaw because this will convert the capital city of Sindh into a public transport mess.

“Under a conspiracy the public transport system of Karachi has been destroyed and illegal Chingchi Rickshaws are allowed to ply in the city without registration, number plate, route permit and payment if taxes. The drivers of these makeshift rickshaws do not have licenses and sometimes young boys also run the rickshaws, which are dangerous for public,” he said.

He said that throughout the world two and three-wheeled vehicles have been declared death-bikes and are being banned. However, in our country even removal of ban on these vehicles is being discussed.

Lodhi demanded that the checking of fitness of buses should be taken from police and given to some sincere NGO, so that the old and damaged buses could not get fitness licenses without proper repair.

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