Demand to end exploitation of electricity consumers

Karachi: Expressing grave concern over the exploitation of electricity consumers of Karachi, Pasban general secretary and candidate for NA-246 Usman Moazzam demanded here Monday that the government should re-nationalize the Karachi-Electric to save the Karachiites from a perpetual agony.

Addressing to corner meetings in different areas of NA-246 constituency, he alleged the K-Electric has been sucking the blood of hapless Karachiites for long, playing the role of a modern-day East India Company. He said Karachi is the largest city of the country and the main hub of trade, industry and commerce, but instead of giving this mega city special intensives, its residents are being fleeced.

He said the NTDC on April 9, 2015 submitted an application with the Nepra to reduce the electricity tariff for whole country saving Karachi, by Rs4.62 per unit, but the KE has submitted an application for increasing the electricity tariff by Rs0.81 per unit, which he termed a cruelty with the Karachiites. He asked why electricity is cheap in the whole country bust costly in Karachi. He asked if Karachi was an orphaned city.

Pasban leader said the fleecing of Karachiites under false reading, average billing and unjustified arrears has become a routine. He said moreover the citizens also brave long load shedding. Even the students were not spared and they prepared for the examinations during long power outages. Patients and elderly people also brave immense problems due to the load shedding.

Usman Moazzam claimed that the KE possesses the power generation capacity of 2240 megawatts, but it only produces 900 megawatts and purchases 650 megawatts from NTDC on cheap rates and sell them to Karachiites on very high rates, which is a profiteering practice.

He said that during the public hearings of NEPRA Pasban has already proved artificial load shedding, over-billing, and overcharging from Karachi electricity consumers; however, not only the KE, but Nepra and ministry of water and power are not refraining from anti-consumer steps. He said Pasban would also fight this case in the national assembly.

Usman Moazzam said due to load shedding citizens also face water shortage. Due to closure of factories because of the load shedding joblessness is on the rise. Markets and bazaars are deserted in this hot season and the citizens have been crying due to growing heat and prolonged electricity load shedding. He demanded that the government should re-nationalize the KE and provide some relief to the consumers.

He regretted that the government instead of taking action against the KE is the playing the role of a silent spectator and due to the ignorance of Nepra the KE has been enjoying a free hand to torment Karachi electricity consumers.

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