Demand to hand water hydrants to rangers

KARACHI: All Karachi Water Tankers Ittehad (AKWTI) staged a protest demonstration against the hydrant mafia and demanded that management of water hydrants in the city should be handed over to rangers.

A large number of protestors carrying placards led by Tariq Sadoozai, Riaz Baloch, leaders of AKWTI and others protested outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC). The protestors were chanted the slogans against water hydrant mafia and demanded that control of Karachi water and sewerage board should be handed over to rangers.

After protest the leaders hold press conference at KPC.

Sadoozai alleged that owners of water hydrants with connivance of some corrupt officers of KWSB are involved in stealing of water and fake water billing. Hydrant owners force the owners of water tankers to buy water on their arbitrary rate instead of official rates, he added.

He said that the hydrant mafia only gives water to selective tankers and is also involved in stealing of water.

They demanded that contract system of water hydrants should be ended and their management handed over to rangers. Official rate list must be displayed outside the water hydrants and also implemented.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should investigate into mega corruption in the name of water hydrants in Karachi in which big political and administrative fish are involved, they demanded.