Demand to supply water through pipelines

Karachi: Pasban leader and convener of ‘province committee’ Usman Moazzam here Monday asked the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KBWS) to stop its ‘tanker drama’ and provide potable water to Karachiites through pipelines.

In a statement he said that the claim of minister for local government Sharjeel Inam Memon that water crisis in Karachi has already been controlled in a ‘white lie’. He said is the minister unable to see the protests in the city against shortage of water. He said in whole world water is supplied to the citizens through pipelines. He said the minister for local government has set a bad example by stopping the supply of water through pipelines and supply it through water tanker trucks. He asked the minister from where this water is being arranged for the tankers? He asked can 1000 tanker trucks cater the needs of whole Karachi.

Usman Moazzam said underground water tanks are not present in majority of the houses of the poor, so they cannot store this tanker water. He said the government of Sindh first created an artificial water crisis in Karachi and when the citizens protested it issued order to supply water through the tankers. He said the citizens are compelled to think if this whole drama is aimed at to earn commissions and kickbacks from the tanker mafia.

The Pasban leader demanded to end this ‘tanker drama’ and supply water to the city through pipelines.

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