Demo held against PPP leaders

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party Karachi Division Ps-126 activists held a protest outside the Karachi Press Club here on Tuesday against embezzlement of the local party funds.

Seaking on the occasion, Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and former president of Sindh People’s Hari Committee Qadir Bux Burfat and Comrade Waris Ali Baloch challenged PPP Karachi Division President Qadir Patel and Secretary Najami Alam to hold open talks on embezzlement of local party funds.

Burfat said that they should talks on funds embezzlement in the name of expenditures and developments after which the situation would be clear.

He accused both leaders of embezzling party funds in the name of development and expenditures in the area as no uplift activity ever emerged.

He said that neither any development work was carried out in his area nor any job was provided to the people of his constituency. He said party had given lot of jobs and allocated funds for his area but those leaders had embezzled all of those while people of his area were compelled to remain tormented.

He said: “If I fail to prove their corruption then I am ready for punishment while if allegations are proved true, then strict action should be taken against them.”

He complained that despite passage of eight days after the protest no leader had contacted them.

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