Demo held against religious extremism

KARACHI: Civil society and human right organizations on Sunday staged a demonstration in front of Karachi Press Club against religious extremism in the country and killing of human rights activist Rashid Rehman in Multan.

Chairperson Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Zehra Yousaf, Karamat Ali, Pro Tauseef Ahmad Khan, Habibuddin Junaidi, Iqbal Alvi, Manzoor Razi, Ms Majida Rizvi, Minhaj-ur-Rehman, Sheema Kirmani and Dr Riaz Sheik also attended the protest.

The protesters were holding placards and banners and chanting slogans against the killing of Rehman and religious extremism in the country.

Addressing on the occasion, the speakers said that Rehman murder was a question mark on the performance of government as he had been given threats but administration did not provide him security.

They said extremist forces had given a message by killing Rehman that those who had differences with their recessive views would not be tolerated. “It seems that extremists will not leave alive those who will raise voice against them,” they added.

They said that intolerance and religious extremism was flourishing in the country and demanded of the government to device a comprehensive strategy against religious extremism and arrest killers of Rehman forthwith.

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