Demo in Karachi for Palestinians

KARACHI: Palestine Foundation Pakistan’s leaders and workers on Monday held a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club against Israeli aggression on Palestinians.

The protestors, carrying placards and banners, raised slogans against Israel and its cronies, and demanded restoration of Palestinians’ rights.

Addressing protestors, social leader Mehfooz Yar Khan Advocate said global imperialist powers, America and its allies Britain and European countries, are supporting Israel against Palestine. These countries are shedding blood of innocent people in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He said America had adopted a strategy to help completing Israel’s anti-Palestine projects. He alleged that the US want to disintegrate big Muslims countries, dividing them into small states.

He said Palestinians were forcibly exiled from their county in 1948 and now it is their right to bring them back to their native land. However, the United Nations should need to take solid measures for rights of Palestinians and help them to return home.

Condemning ongoing aggression of Israel since 1948, Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani, Sabir Abu Mariyum, Tariq Shadab, and Dua Zubair said since long, the westerns powers have been practicing divide and rule in the Muslim countries.

They demanded of world to help Palestinians to realize their birthright of freedom.

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