Desalination, solar energy must to end water shortage, loadshedding

KARACHI:,,, Member Sindh Assembly belonging to Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Irum Azeem Farooque has suggested that the lingering issues of Karachi, water shortage and electricity load shedding, could be easily solved if the government install desalination plants and harness abundant solar energy.

Taking part in the general discussion on Sindh budget in Sindh Assembly Thursday, she said there are a lot of suggestions to make the provincial budget beneficial for poor masses, but she feared the bureaucracy might not accept these suggestions. She said the budget is made by bureaucrats who have nothing to do with the sufferings of common man. She said during the pre-budget discussion many useful suggestions were floated but sadly they were not incorporated in the provincial budget.

Farooque said Sindh assembly has passed a lot of resolutions but they are not reflected in the provincial budget. She said her party, which is a partner of coalition Sindh government, has submitted 185 schemes but not a single of them was incorporated in the budget. She said the government should give equal preference to the issues of rural and urban population.

She said we face severe water shortage and annoying loadshedding; however, both of these issues could be solved if the seawater is desalinated and abundant sunshine is used for making solar energy. She said the Gulf countries are catering their water needs by desalination of seawater and we should also follow suit.

She said arms and equipment should be given to police but they are useless till the police get training how to efficiently use them.

She said Hyderabad Airport has been closed for years and it is high time to reopen it. She regretted more than 60 people died due to heat in Sehwan. She said there should have been arrangement of standby generators and big air-conditioned halls to save these innocent lives.

MQM’ s Saleem Bandhai regretted that Sukkur, the third largest city of Sindh, has been badly ignored in this budget. He said though situated on the bank of River Indus, sweet water is scarce in the city. He said the outsourcing of municipal work to North Sindh Urban Services Corporation has make Sukkur and other city heaps of garbage. He said the government should give a sympathetic consideration to the problems of Sukkur and earmark funds for the city while revising the budget.

Naheed Begum, another MQM PMA from Sukkur also demanded adequate and just funds for Sukkur. She said budget should be given to all districts on the formula of NFC Award distribution. She suggested that budget should be based on gender-sensitization to solve issues of women.

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