Director Health for making Naegleria Committee functional

KARACHI: Director Health Karachi Dr Zafar Ejaz on Monday said Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) management should ensure proper chlorination of water supplied in the city to prevent citizens from brain-eating naegleria fowleri disease in summer season.

Following the death of young girl in a private hospital from brain-eating naegleria fowleri, Dr Zafar Ejaz said a letter has already been sent to Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) administration, requesting them to ensure proper chlorination of water. He said the peak season of naegleria has already started which will continue till August.

He said water samples were taken and sent to KWSB laboratory to ascertain the fact that whether death was reported from naegleria fowleri or something else. He said this deadly tiny creature lives in warm bodies of fresh water like lakes, rivers and ponds. He said poorly chlorinated water of swimming pools and water parks is necessary to kill naegleria fowleri especially when the weather is warm.

Zafar Ejaz said all Town Health Officers and Health Mangers have also been directed to create awareness about Naegleria Fowleri in order to prevent the citizens from this deadly disease. He said naegleria fowleri can invade the human body through nose during swimming or ablution and attack the human nervous system and brain. He said mortality rate due to brain eating amoeba in Pakistan is very high.

He suggested that citizens should use boiled water at least to wash their nose. He also said that chlorination tablets are available in the market which should be used in underground water tanks at homes.

He also stressed the need to make functional Naegleria Committee in Karachi and also ensuring proper chlorination of water supplied across the city to prevent from this disease.

It was pertinent to mention here that eighteen-year-old Areeba, a resident of Gulistan-e-Jauhar, was admitted to a private hospital of Karachi with naegleria fowleri disease and she died during treatment last week.

Experts said chlorine is a highly efficient disinfectant and is added to public water supplies to kill disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoans that commonly grow in water supply reservoirs, on the walls of water pipelines and in storage tanks.

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