Don’t leave digital accounts unprotected: moot told

KARACHI: Manager Research Bytes for All, Pakistan, Faheem Zafar, said it was highly risky for journalists to leave their digital access unsecured, specially, mobile phone was the most vulnerable device to be easily traced through which your complete information could be looked into.

“Journalists are the mirror of society and they have to tell the truth, so there could be many possible enemies who could penetrate their digital accounts to get their personal information and misuse that,” he said this while talking to a group of journalists at a local hotel on the third day of four-day workshop entitled “Safety and Security Training for Journalists” organized by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) with support of Free Press Unlimited.

Zafar said there were several software and applications which could help encounter cyber threats, such as, Spybot was an anti-spyware software which could help you in leaving no trace to be located by others and firewall would tell you what was entering your computer and what was going out of it without your getting notice of it.

“Lock your mobiles/ laptops and secure your electronic accounts with passwords not less than 20 characters which should include numerics, small/ capital alphabets, different symbols etc and make separate password for every account,” he said.

He said Chrome and Firefox were reliable browsers, therefore, using Internet Explorer should be avoided, while in e-mail services Hotmail and Yahoo were the most vulnerable services, although Gmail was relevantly better.

The manager said opening website with writing https in browser was more secure rather than http which was unsecure.

A trainer of Bytes for all, Furhan Hussain, said always check your Facebook privacy settings from time to time as they very often change it without giving any notification which could expose your private things and posts.

“In case there is a threat from cyber crime to you or somebody was bothering you on mobile which is usually faced by females then FIA could be contacted as they have a cyber wing to deal with these kinds of troubles which is very effective and efficient,” he said.

Chairman Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) Owais Aslam Ali, Chief Organiser Ms Kamila, Senior Coordinator PPF Musawwir Shahid, Coordinator PPF Naseem Akhter Shaikh, representatives of Hyderabad Press Club, Khuzdar Press Club, Quetta Press Club, Mirpur Khas Press Club, Larkana Press Club, Nawabshah Press Club and Karachi media persons were also present.

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