Earthquake Resistant Steel Rebars introduced

Karachi: Agha Steel becomes the first Pakistani company to introduce ‘ASTM A706 Grade 60’ steel for the local market which is Earth Quake resistant approved steel according to American Standards. Construction experts recommend ASTM 706 grade in the earthquake prone areas like Karachi due to its advanced seismic resistant properties.

Realizing the responsibility of steel sector to manufacture earthquake resistant steel, Agha Steel Industries, one of the largest private steel mill, is pleased to introduce ‘ASTM 706 grade’ which has proven to have higher strength and ductility as well as high fatigue resistance to Seismic loads due to its higher Ultimate Tensile Strength to Yield Strength ratio said Director Agha Steel Hussain Agha.

Steel is essential for constructing any structure and if applied smartly using quality rebars, it can assure ductility of the structure and consequently protect and save precious human lives. Therefore it is very vital that steel used in construction should be conforming to international grades.

Hussain Agha said that according to Geological Survey of Pakistan, entire Sindh coastline including Karachi is in a zone of seismic danger. Karachi is very close to major fault line. Metropolitan cities like Karachi could have grave effects if God Forbid any such earthquake occurs due to usage of substandard steel bars in building structures and other infrastructures. For that purpose, planning commission and relevant authorities must ensure that the building and other infrastructures build top quality standard rebars to minimize the risks. Pakistan has suffered valuable human loss because of earthquakes in the past yet no formidable strategy has been made till today. It is the need of time for authorities to focus on quality grade rebars and implements rigorous procedures for steel manufacturers to produce steel grades conforming to international grades.

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