Elections only way to change govt: Nisar

KARACHI: Senior Sindh Minister for Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Thursday said that the change in government is only possible through election and no other way under the constitution is possible for this purpose.

Talking to media at Sindh Assembly Committee Room, Khuhro said if people had complaints with any government, they should reject them with vote during the next election. “If a small minority of people considers that the government is not running the country’s affairs well and try to destabilize the system then what would happen to the mandate of majority of people who voted for the government,” he said adding that the system should be allowed to continue without creating any hurdles.

He said that federal parliamentary system is running well in the country; therefore, it should be allowed to continue. “A federal system is one where everyone tolerates each other,” he said.

The senior minister said that every political party has the right to present its demands highlighting people’s grievances but they should not be allowed to create anarchy.

Setting aside Shehla Raza’s statement on Asif Zardari’s recent visit to USA, Khuhro said that Shehla Raza was not part of any PPP negotiation team on NRO so it was not possible for her to know about such things. “I could also not tell about any deal on NRO as I was also not part of that PPP team,” he said.

He said that speculations were created on Asif Zardari’s recent visit to USA, although he was a former president and had no ban to visit any foreign country or attend Iftar parties. “We have not criticized anyone for going on foreign tours,” he said adding that Imran Khan had recently visited London while Tahirul Qadri has come from Canada.

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