Employees deprived of 500 medical reimbursement claims

KARACHI: The employees of Health Department Sindh have been deprived of their medical reimbursement claims since last six months that caused serious financial problems to them.

Sources of health department Sindh on condition of anonymity said medical reimbursement claims of health department officials and employees have been pending since last six months and over 500 such cases were awaiting approval.

Sources said medical insurance cards of employees have been suspended and employees compelled to get treatment at their own expenses. The employees have submitted files to get medical imbursement from department but there claims cases could not be accepted yet despite passage of six months. About 500 such cases have been pending since long time for approval, while the high-ups of department made lame excuses in the pretext of funds shortage.

The sources said only favorite ones are getting medical imbursement while rest of employees have been deprived of their due rights. The employees, who are suffering from chronic diseases, are facing great hardships in this regard.

Special Secretary Health (Admin) Dr Mansoor Abbas, when contacted, said majority of claim bills have been cleared by the department, while only few cases has been delayed due to some procedure matter. He said heavy claim bills of employees has also been approved after verification from MS Services Hospital Karachi.

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