Enough chlorine being mixed in water: KWSB

KARACHI: The spokesperson of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) on Monday rejected the notion that KWSB was providing water without chlorination in the city. He said water was being supplied after chlorination through all the pumping stations.

“The water board has enough stock of chlorine to fulfill the requirement of the city and chlorine is being mixed in water according to the prescription of health safety. However, water samples are continuously being collected from every part of the city for laboratory test and more chlorine is being added wherever the level of chlorine is found low,” he said.

He said wherever there was possibility of low chlorine in tail end areas, plants of sodium hypochlorite were established there as an alternative of chlorine to fulfill the requirement.

The spokesperson said the level of chlorine in water being provided to the city was 1.5 PPM, which was enough to decimate naegleria.

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