Entry of Indian trucks to harm Pak goods transport sector

Karachi: Vested interests are mounting pressure on the sitting government to allow Indian truck entry in Pakistan in the garb of Afghan transit trade and if Indian transport is given access to Pakistan roads, it would harm the good transport sector in Pakistan, said chairman of the standing committee of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on freight, forwarding and logistic services Javed Rashid Asghar Arain

In a statement he expressing serious concern on the terrorism incidents and smuggling of arms, asked the government to restrict Indian goods transport concerning Afghan trade strictly to Wagah border.

He said the trader community and transport sector of the country have fully backed the bold stance of Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif regarding eliminating terrorism from the soil of Pakistan and they demand taking firm actions in this regard.

He said to ensure check to smuggling of arms and subversive activities in Pakistan, it is a must to restrict the Indian transport related to the Afghan trade the Wagah border and under no circumstances allowed to go beyond it; otherwise, not only the Pakistani goods transport industry would be harmed and thousands of loading and unloading labors at the Wagah border be rendered jobless, but it would also open floodgates of smuggled goods and illegal arms in Pakistan and provide a golden chance to Indian secret agent to infiltrate into the country.

He asked the Afghan transport entering Pakistan from the Torkham border should also be subjected to strict checking. He asked modernizing Torkham border check post and equipping it with container scanners and other sophisticated machinery to check smuggling in the garb of Afghan trade.

He said special security checkup points should be established at least 10 kilometers before the Wagah border and Karachi port to check the smuggling of arms and narcotics. He said all crew of the foreign vehicles saving one driver be stopped at these check posts and only one driver should be allowed to drive the vehicle onward. He said in this regard the instructions of the rangers and coast guards should be strictly followed.

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