Expert suggests additional polio doses

Karachi: President Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) Center Prof Dr Iqbal Memon on Monday said presence of polio virus in Pakistan is highly risky for children under five year age group and they should be vaccinated additional doses of polio vaccine for complete prevention from virus.

He told PPI here that presence of polio virus in country needs special preventive measures and additional dose of polio vaccine for every child is vital to prevent prevalence of polio virus. He suggested that minimum 15 doses of polio vaccine are necessary for every child aging less than five years for completely prevention of virus.

He explained that the children who have taken polio drops 5 to 10 times could be affected from virus as compared to those received polio vaccine 15 times. He said additional doses are necessary along with routine vaccination due to the frequent reporting of new cases in the country.

Dr Memon said peak season of polio virus will begin with monsoon rains and continue till November. He said polio virus spreads with intensity during monsoon season. He said virus can inflict the children with weak immunization. He said polio virus spreads through excretion of affected child to others children due to poor sanitation.

He informed that total 67 cases have been reported across the country in 2014 out of them 05 in Karachi so far. He said polio vaccine can be injected to children which is highly effective method.

He said as a polio affected child can influence 100 other children so vaccination for all children is necessary in area where a polio case is detected. He said excretion of affected child can affects other children through sewerage water.

He advised public to adopt preventive measures and administrate additional polio vaccine to their children.

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