Experts assail govt for burdening children with heavy syllabus * Demand 30% reduction in unnecessary stuff in courses

KARACHI: Experts on Sunday flayed government for putting heavy syllabus burden on children studying from class one to 10th and called for immediate reduction in courses by 30% so as to rid students of mental torture and heavy bags full of copies and text books.

“In Pakistan educational system faces many issues, one of which is lengthy syllabus, which needs to be resolved for good future of children. It is irony that Pakistan’s educational system is also not uniform, while the government institutes are not preparing students to perform well in their examinations. The heavy syllabus is over burdening students. They cannot prepare such a tormenting heavy syllabus because of the fact that their memory capacity is low as compared to their ages,” said education expert and researcher Syeda Khushbakht while talking to PPI on the issue of heavy syllabus and bad governance in education system of Pakistan.

“There is need to exclude unnecessary stuff from heavy syllabus which is not matching today’s life. This syllabus must be reduced by 25-30 % for good of children. Pakistan has two types of entirely independent educational systems. One is private and other is government sector. There is need to have uniform education system,” she said.

Khushbakht said as private sector is very much concerned with their result, so teachers have to finish the courses in schools before time, but contrary to it, the government school teachers rarely finish courses or finish it on the nick of the hour, which is not fruitful for students.

“First of all, teaching methodology should be changed to interactive and direct method. Secondly, technology should be introduced to teaching tools even in government schools. Education is the only way through which a nation can flourish. The sincerity of teachers and good syllabus can make educational system more effective in the society,” she concluded.

SEARCH Pakistan executive director and education researcher, Waheed Jamali, said that private and government schools have put heavy burden of courses on students of primary, middle and matriculation classes, which is totally unjustified. The syllabus of private schools should be reduced by at least 30 percent so as to provide relief to children from mental torments.

He asked the government to raise education budget up to 8 percent of GDP so that this vital sector could be developed. “There is need to improve governance in education system besides introducing practical based education syllabus. He said that heavy bags on shoulders of students could create health problems for kids,” Jamali added.

Primary Teachers Association Sindh leader Ali Gul said that it is fact that courses being taught from one to 10th class are very heavy and students are not capable to remind all those. The long questioning system in examinations should also be abolished while short questioning system be introduced.

He suggested 30 % to 50 % reduction in these courses for making education system stable and progressive. He said: “It is unfortunate that our country has double standard in education system. Poor could not have money to get higher education, while rich ones are receiving education in higher education institutes and get jobs in multinational companies with ease.

He said a study revealed that 30% of school-going kids complain of back pain. Heavy bags can cause permanent disability, so why isn’t anything being done to counter this issue?

The teachers association leader said that there was high rate of corruption in education sector which must be brought to an end for progress of the nation and the country.

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