Experts stress early treatment of joints and back pain

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Experts stress early treatment of joints and back pain

September 24, 2019

KARACHI:Ignoring back and joints pain can lead to rapid aggravation of bone diseases and can become recurring problems if left without diagnosis and treatment.

This was advised by physiotherapy experts while speaking at a seminar at Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) held to mark the World Physical Therapy Day.

Dr Saeed Akhtar, Head of Physiotherapy at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), drew attention to the importance of treating knee pain as soon as possible as knee pain prevents frequent walking which leads to weight gain and multiple health problems. He said that knee pain is treatable but early intervention is essential for successful treatment and avoiding complications.

Dr Farheen Hasnain, In charge Cardiac Rehabilitation at DUHS also stressed on the importance of exercise and shared that research has proven that light exercise results in definite reduction in joints pain in the elderly patients.

Dr Ghazala Noor, Principal Jinnah College of Rehabilitation Sciences, elaborated on the utility of ergonomics. She advised the audience to take a light activity break after each 40 minutes of sedentary work. She also emphasized on the need for maintaining good posture and providing suitable chair and workstations in offices to help in promoting employee health and fitness.

Dr Mohammad Khan, Director JSMU Institute of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, shared that the number of patients complaining of back pain was on the rise. These patients belong to every age group, he said. He also warned against ignoring the condition which can lead to bigger damage and threats to the overall well being of the patients.

The In charge Continued Medical Education Programme at JSMU Dr Rahat Naz emphasized the essential nature of bone health awareness for every human being.

The Vice Chancellor JSMU Prof SM Tariq Rafi said that bones are like pillars for the human body and knowledge about bone and structure ailments must be made widely available to everyone for awareness and early action.

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