Experts wants public awareness to prevent from diabetes

KARACHI: Renowned Diabetologist Prof Dr Zaman Shaikh on Wednesday said this World Diabetes Day urges all those responsible for diabetes care to take control of diabetes. The campaign raises awareness of the warning signs of diabetes and promotes action to encourage early diagnosis.

This he said while addressing an awareness seminar organized by Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (NIDE) and Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences Karachi to mark World Diabetes Day 2015.

Prof Samad Shera informed that the World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14 every year around the world including Pakistan to raise awareness among people about diabetes. He emphasized the need to encourage governments to implement and strengthen policies for the prevention and control of diabetes and its complications.

Prof Abdul Basit said that there are 7 million diabetic patients and 7 million pre-diabetes patients in Pakistan. Diabetic population pertaining to varied age groups is currently estimated to be seven million in Pakistan which in the next 20 years would surge.

Later on in scientific session, Prof Samad Shera spoke on Prevention & Management of Diabetes Mellitus – An overview, Prof Abdul Basit spoke on Epidemic of Diabesity, Prof. Zaman Shaikh gave a talk on Lifestyle Modification & Diabetes, Dr Shabeen Naz spoke on dilemma in screening and diagnosis of GDM and Yogi Wajahat spoke Yoga and Diabetes.