Fair power tariff urged for Karachiites

Karachi: Karachiites need a fair electricity tariff and smooth power distribution to facilitate the citizens in this hot summer weather.

In this Pasban e Pakistan has demanded cut in power tarrif. In a public hearing of NEPRA, Pasban representing the sentiments of Karachiites, has suggested the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to reduce the K-Electric tariff by Rs2.23 per unit under monthly fuel adjustment for February 2015.

Pasban senior leader and chairman of public issues committee Abubakar Usman said they are fighting the case of Karachiites with supporting evidences, who are the consumers of KE. He said on April 30, during a public hearing of NEPRA in Islamabad for the KE fuel adjustment for the month of February 2015, Pasban submitted a written application for reduction of Rs2.23 per unit.

He said in this application they have told NEPRA that KE supplies 42percent SENT OUT units of electricity to its consumers after getting them from NTDC and this electricity in the month of February was obtained at a cheaper rate by Rs4.62 per unit. Therefore, under the Section 31 (4) of NEPRA Act (1997XL)decision should be given about the reduction in KE tariff regarding fuel adjustment for February 2015.

He said the facts show that as compared to December 2014, KE got furnace oil chapter by Rs11351 per ton; therefore, the KE got 24percent saving in the cost of electricity generated from the furnace oil.

The NEPRA was further told that the furnace oil’s selling price of PSO was Rs35689 per ton, but the KE in its petition showed exaggerated rate of furnace oil at Rs35870 to support its increased production cost figures; therefore, the rights of consumers were violated.

He said in the written application of Pasban, the NEPRA has been requested to take action against over-billing, average billing, and ASSD billing. It is also requested to take action against 10 to 12 hours load shedding in the name of ‘maintenance’ and stop issuance of illegal notices of Zero contract load to industrialists.

Pasban giving proofs during the public hearing has demanded cut of Rs2.23 per unit in fuel adjustment for February 2015. However, the NEPRA has reserved its verdict.

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