Famine-like conditions in hilly area of Thatta

Karachi: After the Thar Desert, famine-like conditions are being felt in the hilly Kohistan area of district Thatta and if the government bureaucracy repeated slackness Sindh province may witness another human tragedy, said Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q) Sindh chapter president Haleem Adil Sheikh.

He said the hilly area of Thatta district fully depends on rains and prolonged drought has created famine conditions there. He said people have started migrating from the area and many villages have already become deserted. He said he along with a team of Pakistan Relief Foundation (PRF) visited Goth Jewan Kolhi, Lonikot, Goth Umar Shoro, Goth Shah Mir, Goth Jan Muhammad Burfat, Goth Bachayo Khaskheli, Goth Ibrahim Shoro and Goth Faqir Muhammad Shoro, where residents are facing acute shortage of drinking water.

He said these villagers have been suffering from various diseases due to usage of poisonous dug-well water. He said there cattle heads have also started dying due to lack of fodder. He said people have already started migrating to other areas and many villages are totally deserted. He said chronic malnutrition has already resulted in death of many children and the government should give compensation of Rs0.2mn to each affected family.

He said there is dire need of cutting new canals in Thar and other arid zones of Sindh province so as to fight hunger and disease from these areas and make these vast barren lands green. He said the irrigation department of Sindh government should immediately chalk out a plan of new canals in the province on emergency basis. He also demanded that jobless youth of these areas should be given loans on soft terms.

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