Foolproof exam system must to uphold merit

KARACHI: Despite availability of modern online examination method, the educational boards are still bent on outdated system of written exams, with huge chances of corruption, cheating and other malpractices. To uphold the merit in educational sector of Pakistan it direly needs to end the old-dated annual written exam system at matriculation and intermediate level and introduce semester based online objective examination.

Due to prevailing corruption culture in our society, influential parents can obtain A-1 or A grades for their children by means of hock or crock. There are concerns that owners of private schools pay huge bribes to get better grades for their students to maintain their reputation in market, as these schools mint millions by charging very heavy fees. A sources in private schools on condition of anonymity told PPI that there is a tough competition among private schools for bringing better results and for this purpose, they use every available means. A corruption mafia is present in educational boards to help these elements, he said, adding students and parents also prefer only those private schools where good marks are available without really a hard work. However, Board of Secondary Education Secretary Hoor Mazhar, when contacted on phone refused comment and switched off her cell phone.

Taj Haider, Special Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh, who also enjoys a reputation as writer and intellectual, when contacted said that the whole education system needs overhauling. He said Sindh Senior Minister for Education Nisar Ahmad Khuhro was active in this regard. “How you can stop a student to not opt for copy in examination whose teachers remain absent from class for entire year,” he asked. Haider also mentioned there are complaints of existence of a mafia in education sector.

A parent, Muhammad Ishaq, resident of Gulshan Iqbal, while commenting on the situation said that his son was student of class 9 in a private school and he knows very well that this school greases palms of corrupt officials to get good results to it students. “A student needs good grade to get admission in some reputable college. Those schools that do not use unlawful means cannot obtain a good result and no parent want their children study in such honest schools,” he said.

An insider on condition of anonymity said that corruption is everywhere in educational department as every official high or low wants making easy money. Government is fully aware of the situation but it prefers to look the other way as top officials are often posted on political basis.

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