Free maternity care, family planning services in 10 districts of Sindh

Karachi: Even in this modern era, there are many areas in rural Pakistan where women are still dependent on unskilled birth attendants, which needs expanding net of healthcare facilities to the neglected areas.

HANDS Pakistan in collaboration with Marie Stopes Society is implementing a project in which women will get free services for pre and post natal care and safe delivery through skilled birth attendants along with free Family Planning Services in 10 districts of Sindh.

Lady health workers and MARVI workers will provide a voucher to community women of reproductive age 14-48 years to enable them free treatment at local basic health units and private clinics.

Presently, local midwives are dealing dozens of pregnancy cases each day. Only 16 percent among the poorest women give birth assisted by a skilled attendant, consequently bringing the highest maternal mortality rate in Pakistan (276 maternal deaths per 100,000 births) with an estimated 20,000 women losing their lives every year due to pregnancy and childbirth related issues.

HANDS is also working on Behaviour Change Communication Strategy involving Mobilization and BCC campaign through the dissemination of key messages on Family Planning and reproductive health. These messages are aired on cable TV and Radio FM. Simultaneous awareness sessions, one to one meetings help in reinforcing the messages.

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