French ambassador calls on Senator Mushahid

KARACHI: Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan, has assured the global community that Pakistan will be part of global efforts aimed at coping with negative impacts of global warming.

“Because, though Pakistan is not any major environmental polluter, it is a serious victim of climate change-induced disasters,” the minister pointed out and added, “However, Pakistan’s joining global fight against climate change amounts to protect the country from devastating effects of the climate change.”

He expressed these views during his meeting with the Ambassador of France, Ms Martine Dorance, who called on him on Wednesday here at his office. The French ambassador felicitated the minister on being minister of climate change and becoming a senator again.

Ms Martine Dorance urged the minister to play his important part in mobilizing political will and join the global fight against climate change. Mushahid Ullah Khan assured her that Pakistan would be part of the fight and support every possible action and policy measure meant for tackling deleterious impacts of the climate change.

“Despite the fact that we are ready to join global fight against climate change, we are developing countries and will need policy support by rich countries in the field of transfer of technology, technical and scientific know-how to be able to mitigate the negative impacts of global warming, and adapt to changing weather patterns, particularly in the field of agriculture, water and energy,” he insisted.

The French ambassador also urged the minister for climate change to bring a big and high-profile delegation comprising key policymakers, planner, scientists, researchers and key government official to the global climate conference being held late this year in Paris, France, which will be attended by over 198 countries (both developing and developed) to reach a global climate agreement. For, France has positive expectations from Pakistan that it will be also part of global climate negotiations for reaching a global climate agreement for the sake of sustainability of all forms of the life on earth.

The global climate agreement, which is likely to be reached among over 198 countries at the end of UN-Led global climate conference (30 Nov. to 11 Dec., 2015), will replace Kyoto Protocol and be implementable after 2020. Besides, the agreement aim for mitigating global carbon emissions levels to avoid possible elimination of all sorts of the life on earth.

In this regard, the federal minister Mushahid Ullah Khan responded to her request affirmatively and told her that he will also do his best to take the Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to the global climate conference that will reflect Pakistan’s seriousness, political will and commitment towards joining anti-climate change global fight.

Mushahid Ullah Khan said that the poor countries are looking towards rich countries to help the former by providing finance and transfer technology and scientific know-how. So that, these poor countries can be able to adapt to the climate change and make their socio-economic sectors climate-resilient, particularly agriculture, water energy, education and health.

He also emphasized the rich world to give developing countries like Pakistan an access to renewable energy, smart irrigation and agriculture, climate-resilient models related to construction, which is also unprecedentedly significance for the poor countries to achieve sustainable development goals.

The French Ambassador, Ms Martine Dorance, assured her full support to help Pakistan get access to the latest renewable and efficient agriculture and water technology that will help the country adapt to the climate change by shifting its reliance on green energy and using less water for growing more area.

Secretary of the Ministry of Climate Change, Arif Ahmed Khan, apprised the French ambassador of Pakistan’s preparations against climate change and work on the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), which are to be submitted by all countries before the global climate conference to be held in Paris.

“Pakistan will submit its INDCs – a roadmap to reduce carbon emissions at national level – to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) within due course of time, the secretary told the French ambassador.

Pakistan’s INDCs are focusing sectors that include: energy, transport, agriculture, livestock & forestry, waste and industry and experts from these sectors including researchers, scientists have been take onboard in this regard to help Pakistan develop its effective INDCs, the secretary Arif Ahmed Khan said.

He also informed her that Pakistan is soon to notify a high-level think-tank of top key brains from different sectors of economy, which will be a Pakistan’s first official advisory body that will recommend its suggestions and proposals to the government regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation.

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