Full court reference in honor of Justice Maqbool Baqar

KARACHI: The judges of the Sindh High Court and the lawyer community on Monday bade farewell to outgoing chief justice, Maqbool Baqar, who had been elevated to the Supreme Court.

CJ Baqar, who held office as chief justice for about one and a half year, presided over the full court reference held in his honour at the court’s premises.

Speaking at the full court reference, CJ Baqar said situation in the lower judiciary was deplorable in many respects and it urgently required reforms. He added some steps had been taken towards judiciary’s reformation but it will take some time to fix it.

He said he was sure the problems facing the judicial system were not insurmountable, provided they are faced resolutely. He hopped that his colleague judges would be able to reform the judiciary, adding the lawyers’ associations must play their role in building the judicial institutions.

While taking a stroll down memory lane, he said without efforts and struggle of the lawyers and his colleagues, who were deposed during emergency, he would not have been in office. He lauded the lawyers’ struggle for restoration of the judiciary.

SHC Chief Justice-designate Justice Faisal Arab said the district judiciary required a lot of attention as there were many litigants who feel aggrieved at some decisions handed down at lower judiciary level but they do not appeal the verdict simply because they can’t afford to bear any more litigation expenses.

He said steps should be taken at earliest to fix the lower judiciary, adding the problem faced by the judges of the district judiciary and the lawyers certainly need to be addressed. He lauded the contribution of CJ Baqar towards betterment of the judicial institution.

Sindh Bar Council vice chairman Ziaul Hassal Lanjar, SHC Bar Association president Abid S Zuberi, Karachi Bar Association president Naeem Qureshi, Deputy Attorney General Salman Talibuddin and others also spoke.

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